Tim Croucher

Tim Croucher

  • Artist’s Statement

    The Garden Suites

    Tim and Tracy have taken varied approaches to the subject of the garden.

    Tracy searches the unassuming environment around her home and selects and crops from it, painting intuitively to invent lyrically hued scenes that become serene, and arcadian.

    Tim draws from a tropical estate and its unnatural and abandoned architecture. His paintings form a traverse through this defunct fantasy where the lush vegetation and sultry sweltering atmosphere re-possess the land.

  • Biography

    Tim and Tracy Croucher live and work in both Kirikiriroa/Hamilton and Tuateawa in Coromandel peninsula.

    They both have family connections with the Nelson region as Tracy was born there and Tim’s grandfather came from Richmond. They have exhibited their paintings in a range of solo and group shows in New Zealand and overseas since studying painting at the University of Canterbury in the 1980s.

    Tim and Tracy enjoy a long-developed dialogue and mutual engagement in a great variety of painting practices. This continues to inform their own work. They have been painting practically back-to-back in the same house for nearly 40 years, though this is only their fourth exhibition together.

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