Sudhir Duppati

Sudhir Duppati

  • Artist’s Statement

    'Topography of Genesis' is a series of paintings that explores the idea of evolution of Life. It attempts to map the dynamics of the biometric forms in the process of creation. As an artist I believe that every form has the potential to expand itself into an infinite mark that connects both physical and spiritually with every other existing form within and beyond our human consciousness. The aspect of imagining the 'Infinite in Divine' and connecting to it in a metaphorical sense using the medium of paint is something that fascinates me.
    Elements of Life that have a sense of connection to the personal in relation to the Divine is juxtaposed and portrayed using mark making processes. Sensory perceptions and their associated tactility are explored in terms of medium and print making techniques.

  • Biography

    Sudhir Duppati practices Painting, Performance art and installation art. His work embarks on the question of existence with an attempt to map the genesis of consciousness.
    Duppati’s performances operate as metaphors to his installation as they elucidate the idea of divine intervention in designing life. The implications of technology on our modern life styles and their impending values are examined to study a culture that we live in.
    Duppati has BFA in Painting and MFA in Art Criticism from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad and the Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda, India respectively. Apart from his interests in Art Education research, he has been practicing art since 24 years with over 70 national and international group and solo shows. He taught art in Eritrea, USA, and India and now in New Zealand. Currently he lives in Blenheim and teaches Art in Marlborough Girls College and is the President of Marlborough Art Society, New Zealand.

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