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Nadia Downing

New Zealand

Nadia, born and raised in Nelson, is currently studying at Massey University, Wellington, doing a Bachelor of Design. From a young age, she has always been passionate about anything creative. By 2016, Nadia became interested in photography and grew a deep love for it. “Photography is very close to my heart and allows me to express what I see in a specific moment that someone might miss. It gives me a chance to give a voice to the missed moment.” Nadia feels most connected in her work when shooting portraits, landscapes and still life. Authenticity is the main feeling she wants to portray in her work, using natural lighting. She focuses on shadows and the editing process to create something moving. “It is more than taking a photo on my camera, where I then edit and share. It is the constant reel of photos I see through my eyes and take in my mind. Using a camera is just a bonus really to express it in some way."

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