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Matthew Walters

New Zealand
Artist’s Statement

This exhibition investigates old ideas in the context of the stressors of the Anthropocene (the irreversible effect of human kind on the planet). What it is to be, who we are, how we think, what we know is true. These works exist to investigate the associations between the real world and a world preoccupied with information and knowledge. They continue in the same vein as previous works but introduce a new aesthetic. They mark an increased visual inquiry into the concepts I am concerned with. Measuring what you know is often a humbling experience. This experience is compounded by the fact that our access to limitless information often gives little to our understanding of what it is to be you.


I’ve been making art work for 25 years. Its one of the things I do. I need to use the creative process. My visual art activity over this time has investigated the creative process. My visual work deals with what it is for us to know and understand in our increasing visual world. I use different mediums but have always loved paper an ink. Having fell in love with the craft of printmaking, I use it to create rather than recreate, I take that process into new mediums and old ones. My various modes of drawing and painting denote old methods with contemporary issues regarding what it is to be human. I make a lot of work, and do a lot of other things apart from make visual art. I use the creative process in all aspect of my life.

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