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Rebecca Barclay-Clist

Rebecca Barclay-Clist

New Zealand

Rebecca Barclay-Clist is an artist and an art educator based in lower Northland, Aotearoa, and has been involved in the arts for 25 years.

In particular, her creative practice examines the spiritual world within a societal context - critically engaging the artist as a voice of faith.

Her work seeks to directly address the existence and perception of God within the context of our own existence, with a quiet voice of personal truth that manifests through a range of wet and dry media. Symbolism and metaphor are employed, but the intention is that the viewer may go beyond the limitations of these and search for a deeper or higher truth.

Barclay-Clist has exhibited in a solo and group capacity across New Zealand and her work has been well received and procured from exhibited work and a number of independent commissions. She resides in Mangawhai where she has a studio and regularly prepares artwork for exhibitions and the various galleries she supplies within New Zealand.

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