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Erin O'Malley

Auckland New Zealand

My painting always begins in text. I like to begin a body of work with a group of words, a poem, a piece of prose. Through the use of colour, texture and the layering of paint, I hope to capture some of the beauty of these words and the ideas they express. There is always a fine balance between the chance and directed control of my mark making. I trust wholly in this process. For me, there is joy in the method.

These two works titled 'like burnished gold' & 'a worthy offering' are part of an idea about celebrating the difficult journeys we have to navigate at different times in our lives.

Malachi 3:3 - He will sit as a refiner of precious metal, burning away the dross, He will purify his people and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have a people who bring offerings in righteousness.

I am learning to find joy in this refining process. To trust in my Gods faithfulness and love.

I like writing with paint. Painted stories that I hope tell a tale of the beauty in the world that surrounds us.

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