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Arwen Flowers

Auckland New Zealand

In my art practice, I have developed a flexible, multi-media approach with my own unique style. I am inspired by the beautiful details of realism and I also enjoy experimenting with abstracted forms. Painting is my primary medium; I have always enjoyed the tactility of applying paint to canvas. I find the process to be meditational and at times a spiritual kind of experience. I make conscious choices about colour, tone, texture, and composition while enjoying where the paint takes me through happy ‘accidents’ during application. There are moments where my mind can wander, often ‘connecting-the-dots as I work which leads to a sense of personal well-being.

Auckland’s magnificent West Coast and the Waitakere Ranges where I have grown up are a strong visual and psychological influence. I’m drawn to the edges, in-between places and changes of state in landscape and frequently this finds form in the shape of a rocky shoreline, rays of light, lone trees or caves, tide lines and the distant horizon. I see them as metaphors for aspects of the human life experience. In this way, I find meaningful connections between humanity and the environment.

I have a Fine Arts Degree (BFA) and work from my sunroom studio in Helensville, Auckland where I live with my husband and three children.

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