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Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter

Nelson New Zealand
Artist’s Statement

We do not think ourselves into new ways of living. We live ourselves into new ways of thinking. In other words, our journeys around and through our realities, or “circumferences,” lead us to the core reality, where we meet both our truest self and our truest God
Richard Rohr

From Here to There is informed by ideas regarding the transitional stages between light and dark, creation and decay, arrival and departure, life and death.


Simon Hunter is a Nelson based artist. His current practice combines screen- printing, painting and mixed media work.
Hunter’s process uses, binary code, text and varying coloured layers of paint to create contemplative surfaces.
Hunter is also interested in the ability of art to encourage healing and recovery from stress, anxiety and trauma, and has recently published a peer reviewed journal article on Post-traumatic stress disorder and Art therapy.
He currently works at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology for the Digital technologies, Arts and Media faculty.

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