ATELIER Studio|Gallery and Bishopdale College

Art, creativity, and theology – preparing tomorrow’s leaders in the visual arts.

We are really excited at ATELIER to announce a collaboration with Bishopdale College to offer a creative focus in the visual arts for students studying the Diploma in Christian Studies (Christian Leadership) through Laidlaw College here in Nelson, New Zealand.

Artists and creatives of faith offer leadership to the church and to the world through a unique voice and authentic expression that engages with and explores the diverse issues and themes of life, coloured by their individual experience and personal relationship to God. This expression may be messy, emotional, or political, it might be challenging, beautiful, or highly personal, and it may not sit comfortably with the status quo. Yet, creative expression provides opportunities to unlock the hearts and minds of people to
create space for the illuminating presence of God, and to speak directly into the darkness of the age to reveal hope.

Through this course of study, students will engage with a visual arts practice as a means of leadership through effectively communicating the heart of God within contemporary culture and communities. Integral to this, students will have the opportunity to explore visual art making as an approach to developing their personal faith and devotional life with God. The essence of this area of study is to develop the awareness and understanding of the purpose and arena that an arts-practice ministry serves, and the importance of developing and releasing creative leadership in this area of influence to see humanity impacted by diverse expressions of faith and creativity.

We really look forward to working together with Bishopdale College to offer a programme of study to see creatives encouraged, developed, and extended as leaders who serve the Lord in meaningful ways to the world He has called them to touch.

Interested in study? Get in touch with Bishopdale College – email, or call the office on 03 548 8785, or see their website at

Alternatively, contact David James at ATELIER Studio|Gallery – email, or call 021
1668 327.

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