David James

Visual Artist

David is an artist, an educator, and director at ATELIER Studio|Gallery.
David’s art practice currently explores the vulnerability of human relationship and connectedness through large, metaphoric figurative drawings. His work seeks to draw attention to our need for mercy, compassion, and forgiveness in how we relate to one another, and how at times, the clearest glimpse we may see of God is reflected through the humans around us.
Instagram – @davidjamesartist

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MAJESTY workshop

The Broken Way: Unearthing Authenticity

Sometimes, the authentic lies buried under layers of the invented, pretended, or performed – and it is often through the difficult seasons in life, we are able to experience a deeper intimacy with God that connects us back to our heart and his original intent. This workshop will explore processes of accessing and unearthing the raw material of our authentic voice through experimentation, curiosity, and the unknown.

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