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Tim Williams

Nelson Nelson New Zealand

Tim graduated with a Bachelor of Theology in 2007, a Diploma in Photography in 2010,
and with nearly 10 years experience within the photography industry, he has had regular
online and magazine features. As well as this, Tim received a silver distinction and two
bronze awards at the NZIPP IRIS Awards in 2017.
New Zealand born, Tim has spent over 10 years abroad refining his craft. Shooting mostly
weddings during this season, an innate sensitivity to light was developed, as he began to
explore in his creativity. Tim’s keen eye for precision incapsulates natural beauty with clean
lines and well-composed subjects. However, a prominent theme emerges from Tim’s work:
layers and depths of light that embellish interactions between the varying elements within
a landscape.
Tim has always been passionately drawn towards light, and through a journey of
photographing landscapes he has consistently found himself in awe of the beauty that light
unleashes. Beauty can be found everywhere, but without light, it is bound by darkness. It is
the light that sets beauty free and once it has been exposed, it is our job to admire, appreciate
and recognise the power of beauty by which we are surrounded.

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